What Syndicated Multi-Family Investing Is, and Why It Matters.


Successful business people and executives who are accredited investors, and looking for a safe, passive real estate investment that produces income as well as asset appreciation.


Real estate investment firm who identifies strong multi- family opportunities, and pools investor resources to purchase and oversee the management of the property.


Properly vetted and effectively managed multi-family units have a strong history of both property value appreciation and high occupancy rates, providing a dual benefit to investors.

Our Process

We take meticulous care in choosing our investment opportunities and markets, taking numerous factors into account:

  • Employment: Strong employment drivers result in stable rental income and higher occupancy rates.
  • Limited Supply: High barriers to entry (zoning/cost/etc.) result in less housing competition.
  • Population Growth Projections: In short, people need places to live. It’s that simple.
  • GDP Growth: We look for moderate cap rates, and avoid markets we feel have crested.
  • Multi-family Cap Trends: 8% is our preferred return. To achieve this, we need strong area economics, yet moderate cap rates.
  • Multi-family Rental Trends: Growing rents indicate economic stability, and lower investor risk.
  • Multi-family Occupancy Rates: High occupancy rates indicate an area that is growing faster than the available supply of apartments.

If you are an accredited investor who is interested in multi-family real estate, feel free to contact us.

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